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Sunday, October 19, 2014

My month in a nutshell post.

Hi friends!!!

It's me!  Ha!  I've been so bad at keeping up with blog writing lately.  I am going to try and do better, even if it's just a quick post with a picture or two!! I REALLY miss it.

With Lydia's schedule keeping me busy at my second job "taxi driver", this is what we have been up to the last month:

1824 Walker Farmhouse had their Threshing Season Celebration.  It was a perfect day!!  Here are a few pictures from the show.

As of last Wednesday, football season is over, but not cheerleading....look out basketball here we come! (so many games!!!)
Miss. Iris is my buddy and still follows me everywhere.  She was definitely a little present from God.  I needed her as much as she needed me that day she showed up when Hannah was so sick.  Isn't she a pretty kitty?
My friend Jessica and I have completely re-organized and gave my studio a makeover.  She is a tough boss, but I love her anyway haha!  I don't know anyone more organized than her.  She really needs to start a business!  Here's a little peek, I'll post more later.
Last weekend we went on hayride, got lost in a corn maze, and shot little pumpkins from a sling.  The weather was lovely!!
And finally, we've had lots of  birthday parties...my sister-in-law,  my dad, my better half, and a big shout out TODAY for my girl!  Please stop growing up so fast!!
If you're still with me after this long post, thank you!!

I am working on a few more fall things this week, but my mind is on Christmas these days. I will post pictures as I go. Can't wait to make Santas!!

Sending big happy hugs to you all.
Love, Jenn xo

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

October Offerings on Early Work Mercantile

I have two offerings during this lovely month of October.  I've been so busy but have really enjoyed creating these sweet little pumpkin houses.  One is simply called "The Blue Pumpkin House", and the other is "The Pumpkin Farmhouse". 

For more info on these, please visit the Early Work Mercantile site here.

 Have a beautiful day!  xoxo Jenn

Monday, September 1, 2014

Pumpkins on Early Work Mercantile!

Greetings friends! Welcome to another new month ~ beautiful September!!

Please stop over if you have a minute to visit all the lovely artist on Early Work Mercantile.  These are my few little offerings this month. Early Work Mercantile.
I have been busy making lots of pumpkiny things for 1824 Walker Farmhouses Threshing Season Celebration. It's just two short weeks away, September 13, 10-4.
Lots of primitives and antiques will be there from David and Audrey, who own and operate 1824 Walker Farmhouse, Denise and Melinda from Sisters Three and Me, Jeff and JoLee from Cabin Goods by Wild Rose, and Janice from The Garden Shed with her wonderful and so pretty dried botanicals!!  I can't wait!!

Please send me an email if you would like directions...or any info at all.  I'm off to bed now.  
Thanks for always visiting.  Wishing you a happy Labor Day! 

Warmest hugs ~  Jenn

Friday, August 1, 2014

August is here

Most of you don't know it but I'm back to work now. 

It seems every year I take off June and July.  Not that it's really planned but I joke about taking off the "J" months. 
For being lazy days of summer, they seem to get filled pretty fast.  I love being with my daughter when she's on summer break (even if I am a part-time taxi driver!)
On vaca!
 And I love being in my garden. 
 It's also a time to recharge mentally and helps me from being burned out. 
Fresh Mojitos help with that mental thing haha!
I do post on instagram (under "rabbithillprimitivesandvintage") and facebook (under "Jenn Tavoletti") almost daily year round if you want to see what I'm up to.
4th of July ~ watching fireworks from the roof top!
 Now it's time to start thinking about those pumpkins!!

New Pumpkin Doll on Early Works Mercantile this month. (she's sold)
Have a lovely day.  xo Jenn

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